We invite you to join us and write the next successful chapter in the history of our Maisons.

Our World

Our World

At Richemont our Maisons succeed because of the passion of our people.

As one of the leading global luxury goods companies, Richemont comprises 20 Maisons. Each Maison functions as an international business with a small family feel and is led by an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for tradition. We apply our métiers d’art and craftsmanship to watch-making, jewellery, writing instruments and high-end fashion and accessories.

The Group draws strength from a rich diversity and unique aesthetic sensibility, all coupled to the latest in sustainable and ethical luxury.

Richemont has corporate support services and regional shared service platforms. These services provide support to our Maisons in order to enable them to focus on their strengths in design, creation, sales and marketing.

With over 2,000 years of combined history, we have the future in mind as we invite you to join us and write the next chapter in the history of our Maisons.


What defines us

"In today’s global world, strength is a matter of agility and responsiveness. So our workforce is unique, diverse, open, always learning and growing. Richemont cultivates these qualities in its people. "

Our People

Our People

At Richemont, we are convinced that people only strive for excellence when they feel fulfilled in their job. Only then do single-minded commitment, sheer passion and heartfelt pleasure come naturally. But how can we achieve lasting success? By working together towards a  sustainable goal.
Whether active in a Maison or a Richemont role, each one of us takes pride in our Maisons. Each one of us is dedicated to protecting their heritage and providing safe passage into a successful future. In every sphere and profession, we focus our combined knowledge, work effort and shared commitment on reaching this goal.
The stimulating environment we create to foster this mindset is marked by mutual respect. Our people are empowered to take the initiative and enjoy the freedom to think and act like entrepreneurs. We nurture talent, support each individual’s development and reward personal performance. All this helps us to not only ensure business success but also add value to a person`s individual career.
Our people are one of a kind. If you’re looking to join a team whose passion and fascination for the luxury goods industry goes hand in hand with a shared empathy and dedication, we invite you to explore the opportunities Richemont has to offer.

Welcome to our world.

One of the most memorable pieces of advice I received at the beginning of my own career was :
“Only what changes has the chance to stay perfect.”

Our Maisons

Compagnie Financière Richemont SA owns some of the world's most prestigious luxury goods Maisons, each of which has a proud history and heritage of craftsmanship and design.

Join us in writing our next chapter today...

Why join us?

The performance of our people is what defines the success of Richemont. From a products’ first drawing to the final sale with our clients and beyond.

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Work with us

Work with us

What matters most to us? High levels of team performance, unsurpassed quality across everything we do and the ability for each individual to learn and contribute to the success of the Maisons.

How do we encourage this success? We believe in intellectual challenges, work-life balance, personal development and diverse career opportunities.
We believe that every individual has a talent. Helping each person to build on this strength will lead to individual progress and sustainable business performance.

Join us and you will embark on a journey that takes you through a formalized approach to individual performance management, which is the basis for long-term career management within the Group. This is supported by a strong commitment to individual learning and development and comprehensive benefits as well as fair reward and retention schemes.



The Group is committed to remaining fair, open and transparent throughout the hiring process.

We use open discussions and competency-based questioning across several rounds of interviews. Candidates see not only HR but managers and future work environments.
We always ensure candidates receive appropriate feedback at every stage of the process.
Our employees are part of a global family that works in a fair and open environment. It is important for us to ensure that new employees joining the Group have a strong commitment to our shared values.
We therefore may ask candidates in the final stages of recruitment to undergo a pre-employment screening. Our approach to pre-employment screening is based on the principles of transparency, mutual respect and is conducted in line with all applicable regulations.

Global Horizons

Global Horizons

Our outlook is international, as are our clients. All around the world they have the same high expectations and standards by which they measure us – as you would expect in any luxury sector.

Career opportunities could take you to any one of the 36 countries in which we operate.
We seek to develop our people by exposing them to various opportunities, sometimes moving between Maisons, across Regions and within Group functions.

Whether you are in a regional role supporting the Maisons or in a Maison Headquarters, we have the same objective: we are committed to providing quality and excellence to our clients worldwide.
Professional development is a priority in all of our locations as we empower our employees to take initiative. In return, we expect your contribution to the success of the Maisons and the Group.
Our commitment to nurturing the future and sustaining industry knowledge draws on our centres of excellence around the world.

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Career Areas

No two careers are the same. Learn more here and, if you do not find a job that matches your expectations today, we invite you to submit your profile for future opportunities.