Thorsten Hering, Montblanc


"Today, our field of expertise not only involves traditional handicrafts but merges artisanal practices with state-of-the-art technology. At all times, we strive to unite painstaking precision with exceptional beauty and, drawing on the very latest high-tech production methods, go even further to achieve a completely innovative new look.

One of the most fascinating aspects of our work is that it allows us to explore endless possibilities when it comes to colors and materials. This freedom of expression results in wholly new creations every time. We work a lot with natural materials such as gold, stones or woods, which are especially challenging as they behave differently under all kinds of conditions. This calls for an in-depth understanding of how nature works and reacts at any given moment. It led us to develop completely new and innovative methods for treating the materials we use. Yet technology is and will always remain subordinate to the design and elegance of the finished article.

In our field, it is about always being open to venturing down new paths, leaving the beaten track and pushing the limits. Craftsmanship as we live it is a reflection of the soul, it is the place where every craftsman or woman leaves their mark."