Alvaro Maggini, Roger Dubuis


“Working in such an environment is exceptional as it opens an infinitive scope of creative possibilities. We do not only work on the product but touch and shape all facets of a Maison`s identity, yet always respecting its unique identity and history. We have the liberty to work on an ample creative spectrum leading from creative advertising, to product development, packing or even boutique design. And as such the Group with its numerous Maisons and functions offers an unbelievably creative diversity of creations, professions and identities.

It is truly enlightening to work with creators and innovators from different fields and backgrounds, from the watchmaker to the architect. It requires not only passion and commitment, but also team spirit and respect for your environment. It is about to work with people who perceive the world in new ways, bringing to our awareness what was previously hidden. To unite the individuality of a Maison`s tradition and identity with innovation and modernity is a truly unique personal and professional experience."