Manon Dohmen, Customer Service, Richemont

After her experience at Q-Park and Mercedes Benz, Manon joined the Group in July 2012 as Client Relation Center Operations Manager in Amsterdam.Here she takes care of all our European customers who have a telephone query or inquiry

"We really questioned the status quo in the industry when we developed our Client Relation Center. We really want to give our customers the best possible service when they call. For example, we have developed a system which allows us to recognize and greet a customer personally before he or she has even spoken. We then direct the customer to the right person in the right department who speaks the right language and who has access to their full customer history. We do this because we want to give our customers the best possible welcome – as if we'd been expecting them to call. Our constant drive to improve service levels is part of who we are and how we think. It unites everyone working here. "